Anti-Viral Fogging Service in Kent

Anti-Viral Fogging Services by Experts

In the wake of the pandemic, Elite Cleaning Services are working with businesses throughout East Kent, to support them with the disinfecting and sanitising of their premises.

Our experienced and trained operatives are carrying out Anti-Viral Infection Control Cleaning using Sanitising Chemical Foggers.

Disinfecting and Fogging your premises is extremely effective way of keeping your premises and staff safe, and by using our service, you can be assured that 99% of viruses, including Covid-19, and bacteria will be killed. All areas can be back in use one hour after completion of the disinfection.

The process involves blasting a fog of fine mist into the air, this mist leaves a deposit of Viral Disinfectant on all surfaces, including areas that are difficult to reach through conventional cleaning, this eliminates all pathogens present. The fogging mist will also remain in the air long enough to kill airborne viral and bacterial contamination.

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